I’m Starting a Journal 

Lately I find myself dealing with a lot emotionally. The person whom I normally turn to is dealing with their own things right now. Leaving me with a sort of emotional clutter and distress.  Carrying around this affliction is distracting and annoying. I'm not one to take my emotional rants to Facebook nor blab my … Continue reading I’m Starting a Journal 


Marketing Materials + Cash Back!

AFFORDABLE PROMOTIONAL & MARKETING MATERIALS + CASH BACK. Check out these sites: http://www.walgreens.com Tip: Upload your digital flyer on Walgreens photo. Get flyers printed on photo glossy paper. Ready in an hour or less. Use their current photo coupon for discounts. http://www.orientaltrading.com Tip: Search for customize and personalized products. Water bottle wrappers, pencils, mint boxes, … Continue reading Marketing Materials + Cash Back!