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Mom, You Have What it Takes!

As a new mom and entrepreneur during a pandemic, it can be hard. But it’s not impossible. During this time, we have to dig deep within side ourselves and be stronger and smarter than ever. Going to doctors appointments alone, canceled baby showers, diy maternity shoots, wearing a mask during labor, not having the support… Continue reading Mom, You Have What it Takes!

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How to Fight Insomnia

Do you are facing problems in falling asleep at night? No matter how tired you are? Do lie awake in your bed, anxiously gazing at the clock? If yes, then you are not alone, Insomnia is very common. It can cause fatigue, restlessness and in some cases serious illness. The good thing is, it can… Continue reading How to Fight Insomnia

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Craigslist Now Charging

That's right, I said craigslist list! Those of you who are really marketing your business online (not just posting on social media all day) know that craigslist is a goldmine! Starting March.15th Craigslist is now charging $5 to post in Services and Gigs... This is great news! Why?...Because it helps discourage spammers from posting, therefore… Continue reading Craigslist Now Charging