Healthy Immune System + Gut Health

Bacteria lives throughout your body, but the ones in your gut may have the biggest impact on your well-being. They line your entire digestive system and affect everything from your metabolism to your mood to your immune system. In fact, the majority of our immune system is housed in the gut.  So it is important… Continue reading Healthy Immune System + Gut Health

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Garlic For The Common Cold

One large, 12-week study found that a daily garlic supplement reduced the number of colds by 63% compared to a placebo. The average length of cold symptoms was also reduced by 70%, from 5 days in the placebo group to just 1.5 days in the garlic group. Read Study:

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Slim Down for Summer!

Summer is around the corner! Think it's too late to lose that belly fat...well think again! I am going to share with you simple ways to help you get in your best body by summer. First, let's set some ground rules: There is no such thing as spot reduction. No one exercise or gadget can… Continue reading Slim Down for Summer!